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Bat Boy The Musical

Bat Boy: The Musical is an American horror rock musical based on a June 23, 1992 Weekly World News story about a half-boy, half-bat, dubbed "Bat Boy", who grew up living in a cave in the West Virginia Hills, and then brought into the sleepy town of Hope Falls, which both intrigues and shocks the inhabitants.


Story and book by Keythe Farley and Brian Flemming. Music and lyrics by Lawrence O’Keefe.


Directed by Brandon Brown and Sage Drake

Closed August 27, 2023


Bat Boy - Christian Nieves       

Meredith - Shari Dumond      

Dr. Parker - Eric Dumond    

Shelley - Alyssa Gose    

Sheriff Reynolds - Bianca Castro 

Rick Taylor - Peyton Womble   

Ron Taylor - Eva Cullen   

Ruthie Taylor/Ned - Katie Mayers

Mrs. Taylor/Roy - Jose Luis Solorzano -

Lorraine/Doctor - Peggy Flores

Maggie/Clem - Melissa Munoz Chavez

Pan/Daisy/Bud - Hugo De Billie V

Mr. Dillon/Ensemble - Kacie Bauer

Rev. Hightower/Institute Man - John Kulpa

Ensemble - Tanya Camargo

Ensemble - Gabriella Azollini

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