As the Chair of the Play Selection Committee, I want to assure all prospective directors that we are seriously looking for directors, and I want to encourage you to apply.  In our current 2019-2020 season, two of our six directors are directing their first shows at LCCT, so we are seriously looking for new talent to supplement our existing directors. 

In an effort to be as transparent as possible, I want to explain the criteria we use in selecting directors and shows.  Of course, selecting a season is more an art than a science, but these are the principal things we consider in making our decisions:

1. Is the show a well-known show that is likely to be popular both with actors and with audiences? The sad fact is that we must try to avoid losing money when we produce a show if we intend to remain a viable organization.  Shows with name recognition are more likely to generate ticket income than unknown shows.  We do not have the luxury of ignoring finances in the pursuit of pure art.  Having said that, we are looking for one or two of the shows this season to be lesser known, to be a bolder artistic choice.  But we are only able to do that if the rest of the season consists of more traditional audience pleasers.

2. If the show is lesser known and you want to submit it for the “artistic” slot, why should we select it?  Does it address some contemporary issue?  Is it by an experienced playwright, perhaps not known to the general public but whose work is well crafted and interesting?

3. Is it a show we can reasonably cast?  Submitting an application to direct Miss Saigon might be too much of a stretch for LCCT.  Finding a dozen Asian actors and an onstage helicopter might be too much for our limited resources.  On the other hand, if you want to do a show that at first glance looks difficult for us, explain in your application exactly how you would solve the various problems in your production.  We are certainly open to listening to creative solutions.

4. Will the show fit in as part of an overall season?  For example, we don’t want to do five dramas and no comedies in the same season.  Part of programming a season involves presenting a variety of theatre experiences.

5. Regarding the director, we consider a number of factors.  Is this a first-time director for us?  Is this a first-time director anywhere?  Has this director directed at LCCT every season and do we need a break?  If the director has a track record with LCCT, what is that track record?  Were his/her shows well received and well directed?  Were they a positive experience for the cast and crew?  Did they come in within budget?  Admittedly, some of these factors are subjective, but sometimes subjective decisions need to be made.

Interested directors are encouraged to submit an application for a show of your choice that you think meets the criteria of good theatre and commercial viability. 

Applications which list additional creative staff (e.g., musical directors, designers, stage managers, etc.) are  most appreciated. 

Directors may submit more than one application if he or she is interested in directing multiple shows (although only one show per director will be selected). 

A current director’s application is available here.


We welcome questions before and during the application process;
click here to submit a question.


We’re looking forward to hearing from you.


Norman Lewis

The Las Cruces Community Theatre Seeks Directors
and Projects for our 2020-2021 Season

Deadline Extended Until January 15, 2020

The Play Selection Committee of LCCT is currently seeking directors and shows for next year’s season.  This year’s Play Selection Committee includes three LCCT Board members (Chairperson Norman Lewis, Lennie Brown, and Dave Edwards) and two non-Board members selected from the active Las Cruces theatre community (Robert McNamara and Cindy Pitts). Next year we are hoping to produce seven shows (musicals, comedies or dramas) in the time slots listed below.    


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