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@2017 Las Cruces Community Theatre  313 N Main St PO Box 1281 Las Cruces NM 88004 (575) 523-1200 webmaster@lcctnm.org

“Biloxi Blues” is a semi-autobiographical play by American playwright Neil Simon, first performed in 1984 in Los Angeles. It focuses on a group of military privates stationed in Biloxi, Mississippi, through the perspective of young soldier Eugene Jerome. Jerome, an author avatar for Simon, appeared in three chapters of what is known as the Eugene Trilogy, and “Biloxi Blues” was preceded by “Brighton Beach Memoirs” and followed by “Broadway Bound”. Although Jerome is the point-of-view character, the play largely focuses on two other soldiers, Sgt. Merwin J. Toomey and Private Arnold Epstein, as they go through basic training and Epstein and Toomey get into an escalating battle of wills. Exploring themes of individuality, military discipline, and the mindset of young draftees as they prepare to be deployed to World War II, “Biloxi Blues” was highly praised for its deft mix of comedy with serious issues. It won the Tony Award for Best Play and was nominated for the Drama Desk Award.

LCCT Cast of Characters

Eugene Morris Jerome ---------------------- NICK CHECK

Roy Selridge ------------------------- SHANE CABALLERO

Joseph Wykowski ------------------------ NICO HOLGUIN

Don Carney ------------------------- CALVIN CHERVINKO

Arnold Epstein ----------------------------- GUS SANCHEZ

Sgt. Merwin J. Toomey ----------------- SCOTT BROCATO

James Hennesy ---------------------------- MARIO NUÑEZ

Rowena ------------------------------ VERONICA BISSELL

Daisy Hannigan --------------------- BRIANNA HORVATH