The Las Cruces Community Theatre will be holding auditions for

MATILDA, the Musical

Directed by Michael Wise/ Music Directed by Lisa Hermanson

And Choreographed by Luis Castro

Sunday, December 11th at 4:00pm - 7:00pm


Monday, Dec. 12th from 6:00pm - 9:00pm

In the

Center For The Arts (on NMSU campus) Rehearsal Room (2nd floor)

1000 E University Ave / on the corner of University & Espina, (across from Starbucks)

[enter south side building doors]

Appointments are NOT necessary, and you only need to attend one evening.


Performances will be February 10 - 26, 2023

Nine performances on Fridays (evening), Saturdays (evening) and  Sunday matinees​

Rehearsals are tentatively scheduled to begin January 2, 2023*

Sundays - Thursdays from 6:00 - 9:30 pm.

(*although we may try to sneak in a few non-musical rehearsals Dec. 27, 28, 29 if possible)

Inspired by the Ronald Dahl, with book by Dennis Kelly and original songs by Tim Minchin,  Matilda The Musical revels in the power of imagination and the inspiring story of a girl who dreams of a better life.


You will be asked to sing 16-32 bars (about 30 seconds) of an upbeat, contemporary song, and to read a selection from the script.



Matilda is a little girl with astonishing wit, intelligence and psychokinetic powers. She's unloved
by her cruel parents but impresses her schoolteacher Miss Honey. Over the course of her first term at school, Matilda and Miss Honey have a profound effect on each other's lives, as Miss Honey begins not only to recognize but also appreciate Matilda's extraordinary personality. Matilda's school life isn't completely smooth sailing, however – the school's mean headmistress, Miss Trunchbull, hates children and just loves thinking up new punishments for those who don't abide by the rules.  Packed with high-energy dance numbers, catchy songs and an unforgettable star turn for a young
actress, Matilda is a joyous girl power romp.

Needed are numerous men and women from ages 7 years to 55 years old. No roles are pre-cast. Children and teens are encouraged to audition for numerous roles.​

Character Breakdown

  •  All characters use some form of British accent.

  •  All ages listed is a place to start from and can be flexible depending on audition turnout . . . looking at children of all ages, including high schoolers.

MATILDA (Age: 6-11)  Physically small -- The title character of the story.   An imaginative girl who is clever and wise far beyond her years. She has a thirst for learning that cannot be quenched. Likable and charismatic, not annoying or pretentious. Honest and unassuming, but with a prankster streak and a strong sense of justice. Resilient, creative, and kind, despite growing up in difficult circumstances. Her parents treat her poorly, but Matilda escapes into a world of books, which puts her reading level far above the other children in her class, and she develops a bit of magical power in an effort to defeat Trunchbull.

Must be a very strong singer and actress, equally … dancing skills preferred but not required.

MISS AGATHA TRUNCHBULL – (Male or Female, Age: 35-55).

The tyrannical headmistress at Matilda's school who despises children. Male in female clothing/makeup/hair, or female. A cruel and sadistic person, but not a brute or brash - rather, sly and conniving, cunning and sneaky. Above all, must be a strong actor with a good sense of physicality and characterization. Strong singer and dancer preferred.


MISS HONEY (Age: 25-40.)
Matilda's kindhearted teacher. Soft spoken and kind. She befriends Matilda. She is tired of living in fear under Miss Trunchbull. Must be a lovely, strong singer and a strong enough actor to make the role truly compelling. Vocal range top: D5 Vocal range bottom: F3


MR. WORMWOOD – (Male, Age: 30-45). Matilda's uncaring father. A slimy, greedy used-car salesman, unintentionally hilarious. Must be a VERY strong actor and comedian; improv and dance skills preferred. Must also be a relatively strong singer.  Vocal range top: A4 Vocal range bottom: D3

MRS. WORMWOOD – (Female, Age: 30-45). Matilda's self-absorbed, negligent mother and an amateur ballroom dancer. Must be a VERY strong comedic/character actress, dancer, and singer able to carry off a sizable comedic role. Vocal range top: F5 Vocal range bottom: A3


MRS. PHELPS  (Female, Age 30-45). The kind Librarian who takes a liking to Matilda. Strong actress (could be non-singing role)



BRUCE – (Male, 7-14.) Matilda's classmate. He is subject to punishment by Miss Trunchbull. Bruce is a genuine, kind boy with a fondness for sweets; his spirit is broken by the Trunchbull but he bounces back stronger than ever. Must be a very strong actor and singer with monologues, scenes, and solos. Essential Vocal ability for “Revolting Children”. Strong dance skills preferred.

LAVENDER (Female, Ages: 6-10). Matilda's classmate and best friend. Lavender is kooky and super-adorable, likes to have fun – big personality, and what she lacks in intelligence she makes up for in enthusiasm and friendliness. Must be a very strong actor and singer with monologues, featured scenes, and solos throughout. Strong dance skills preferred.


AMANDA, ALICE, AND HORTENSIA – (Females, Ages: 6-14). Matilda's girl classmates. Each has important lines and solos, and some have featured dance moments as well. Strong singers, actors, and dancers required.

TOMMY, ERIC, AND NIGEL – (Males, Ages: 6-14). Matilda's boy classmates. Each has important lines and solos, and some have featured dance moments as well. Strong singers, actors, and dancers required.


MICHAEL WORMWOOD (Male, Age: 10-15.) Matilda's slightly older brother. He is not very bright and favored by their parents.  He is a deadpan comedic character, with various lines and “bits” throughout the show. Must be a strong comedic actor. Will also be a “Big Kid.”

A very STRONG group of dancers and singers. They are the tough kids at the school and perform the show's biggest singing and dancing numbers. There are solo lines and parts in this group.  These kids have to be substantially bigger than the little kids...so teenagers.


ENSEMBLE – male and female, play the Mums and Dads in the opening number “Miracle”. These performers will also double as various adult speaking and singing roles throughout the show. Strong singers, actors and dancers needed.

  • Doctor - The doctor who delivers Matilda. Vocal range top: A4. Vocal range bottom: C3.

  • The Escapologist - A character in Matilda’s story. Vocal range top: E4. Vocal range bottom: C3.

  • The Acrobat - A character in Matilda’s story. Vocal range top: A4. Vocal range bottom: D4

  •  Rudolpho - Mrs. Wormwood’s dancing partner. Vocal range top: A4. Vocal range bottom: D#3.

  •  Competitive Dancers - Mrs. Wormwood and Rudolpho’s dancing competition.

  •  Judge - The judge at Mrs. Wormwood and Rudolpho’s dancing tournament. 

  •  Cook - The cook at Miss Trunchbull’s school.

  •  Sergei - A Russian mob boss whom Mr. Wormwood rips off.

  •  Henchmen/Henchwomen - Sergei’s Russian associates who threaten the Wormwoods.

For more information or questions,
please send a message to Michael Wise, the Director

Thanks for submitting!